Hi, I'm Dagaen Golomb!

Computer Scientist

Get to Know Me.

Hailing from Northeastern Pennsylvania, I am a 20-something year old currently residing in the City of Brother Love. I graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with degrees in mathematics and computer science. Afterwards, while pursuing a Ph.D., I obtained a masters degree in computer & information science from the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently on leave from the doctoral program and working as a software engineer at Comcast in Philadelphia.

For more information on my academic and insutrial career, please see my Curiculum Vitae.



I am part of the University of Pennsylvania's PRECISE lab in the Department of Computer & Information Science in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. My advisors are Insup Lee and Linh T.X. Phan. My research focuses include real-time systems, cyber-physical systems, internet-of-things, scheduling and queuing theory, data freshness, and security.


Well-versed in several modern programming languages with the ability to quickly adapt to new trends. Deep understanding of algorithms, data structures, and programming paradigms. Experience writing Linux kernel code in C/C++ and I have contributed to the gEDF scheduler for the Linux Foundation's Xen hypervisor project.

DevSecOps & System Administration

Expertise in DevOps, security, and automation, particularly using Ansible and HashiCorp Packer. This site is fully hosted for free (besides purchasing a domain) using open source software and my own hardware.


Formal rigorous training and continued learning in mathematics and statistics, particular with respect to machine learning and finanace. For my blog where I apply mathematics to the realm of personal finance, see thefinancial.engineer. Note this is a new endeavor so the blog may have little or no content.


Mathematics & Statistics
Leadership and Cooperation

Work Experience

August 2017 - Present

Software Engineer


Philadelphia, PA

2015 - 2015 and 2016 - 2016

Teaching Assistant

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

August 2014 - Present

Research Fellow

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

June 2014 - August 2014

Research Assistant

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA


2014 - Present

Ph.D. in Computer & Information Science

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

2014 - 2016

M.S.E. in Computer & Information Science

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

2009 - 2013

B.S. in Computer Science; B.S. in Mathematics

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Bloomsburg, PA


Mathematics and Statistics

Interests include actuarial science, machine learning, finance, and number theory.


Particularly interested in epistemology and ethics.


In another life (in high school...) I seriously considered entering the architecture field. I received formal training during high school in drafting and design and completed introductory architecture courses at Cornell University in 2008 during the summer after my junior year of high school.


Academic Address
3330 Walnut St
Levine Hall, Room 612
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Work Phone Number
+1 (215) 678-7550